Greetings from Witness Protection! – Jake Burt

I’m working on making a world. I’ve got the mountains and valleys, an ocean, and continents. It’s a slow process, though, since I use only my hands. Well, my hands and a couple of tennis balls. As I work, pieces of plaster rain on me, but I don’t care. I’m digging my trenches just a […]

Gracie’s Secret – Jill Childs

I was in the supermarket when the phone rang. The clear plastic bag was heavy with tomatoes and almost ready to tie. When I held my phone against my face, my fingers smelled of them. Ripe and pungent. ‘Where are you?’ Richard. My heart stopped. He was tense. Braced. My stomach chilled. I didn’t say […]

Good Little Girls – Rita Herron

Tinsley Jensen was tired of being a shut-in. Tired of living in fear. Tired of not living. How could she live when she was too frightened to go outside the beach cottage she’d rented and explore Seahawk Island? Set on the coast of Georgia, it was beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing, and it had been a […]

Good Girls Lie – J.T. Ellison

The girl’s body dangles from the tall iron gates guarding the school’s entrance. A closer examination shows the ends of a red silk tie peeking out like a cardinal on a winter branch, forcing her neck into a brutal angle. She wears her graduation robe and multicolored stole as if knowing she’ll never see the […]

Good Girl, Bad Girl – Michael Robotham

“Which one is she?” I ask, leaning closer to the observation window. “Blonde. Baggy sweater. Sitting on her own.” “And you’re not going to tell me why I’m here?” “I don’t want to influence your decision.” “What am I deciding?” “Just watch her.” I look again at the group of teenagers, girls and boys. Most […]

Gone Missing – T.J. Brearton

Katie stepped onto the porch and laced up her sneakers. In the Northeast, mid-August, dawn came at 5:30 a.m. Over the mountains, a smattering of salmon-tinged clouds heralded the sun. She lunged to stretch out her calves, bent forward to loosen her thighs and lower back. Today’s target heart rate was 122. Target heart rate […]

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. The shape of it, to begin with. The very first time I saw her, it was the back of the head I saw, and there was something lovely about it, the angles of it. Like a shiny, hard corn kernel or a riverbed […]

Golden Prey – John Sandford

GARVIN POOLE slipped out of bed, got his lighter off the fireplace mantel, and walked in his underwear through the dark house to the kitchen, where he took a joint out of a sugar jar, then continued to the garden door. He opened it as quietly as he could, but it chimed once, not an […]

Golden in Death – J.D. Robb

Dr. Kent Abner began the day of his death comfortable and content. Following the habit of his day off, he kissed his husband of thirty-seven years off to work, then settled down in his robe with another cup of coffee, a crossword challenge on his PPC, and Mozart’s The Magic Flute on his entertainment unit. […]

Go to My Grave – Catriona McPherson

The house was a held breath. Its ten empty rooms waited, polished like a bowl of apples. There were flowers in the hall and in the big bay windows of the drawing room and dining room. There were logs in the baskets and candles in the holders. The snooker balls were framed and the magazines […]

Glory in Death – J.D. Robb

The dead were her business. She lived with them, worked with them, studied them. She dreamed of them. And because that didn’t seem to be enough, in some deep, secret chamber of her heart, she mourned for them. A decade as a cop had toughened her, given her a cold, clinical, and often cynical eye […]

Give Me Your Hand – Megan Abbott

This was twelve years ago. We were seventeen, Diane and me, and for the eight or nine months of our senior year, we shared an energy that crackled in both of us, a drive, a hunger, a singing ambition. Then, one night, everything broke. We were at my house, my mom’s cramped, Lysol-laden house, thick […]

Girls Like Us – Cristina Alger

On the last Tuesday in September, we scatter my father’s ashes off the coast of Long Island. Four of us board Glenn Dorsey’s fishing boat with a cooler of Guinness and an urn. We head east, toward Orient Point, where Dad and Dorsey spent their Saturdays fishing for albacore and sea bass. When we reach […]

Girl at the Grave – Teri Bailey Black

Feavers Crossing, Connecticut 1849 “The whole head is sick,” the Reverend Mr. Oliver read with gravity. “And the whole heart faint.” A tuft of his soft gray hair stuck up at the back of his head, wobbling like a feather, and I wished I could smooth it for him. The rector was an awkward, dreamy-eyed […]

Gingerbread and Deadly Dread – Addison Moore

I see dead people. Mostly I see those of the furry dearly departed variety, but last month I saw a bona fide once-upon-a human. It was my good friend Everett’s father, and he, like his dearly departed predecessors, was here to warn of some unfortunate soul’s impending doom. But at the moment, I’m not looking […]

Ghosts Like It Hot – Erin McCarthy

THERE IS an Irish proverb that states “Your feet will take you where your heart is.” Well, my frozen feet were taking me to Florida, where the temperatures were hot and the term “polar vortex” didn’t exist. After a winter in Cleveland that gave new meaning to the phrase “this sucks” my boyfriend Jake and […]

Genesis – Robin Cook

It was a cold, raw, windy, and heavily overcast March night on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Although the spring equinox was soon to arrive, winter had not given up. As evidence, a few wayward snowflakes swirled down out of the low cloud cover, which was churning like a witch’s brew. With the temperature […]

From This Moment – Elizabeth Camden

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS MARCH 1897 Romulus White stood motionless in the crowded ballroom, staring at a woman he’d once longed for more than his next breath of air. It was not a pleasant experience, especially since Laura stood alongside her doting husband. Even from a distance, her copper-red hair gleamed in the candlelight and made her […]

Friend Request – Laura Marshall

There are so many people I want to thank: My agent Felicity Blunt, for believing in me and in this book, and for the editorial insights that transformed my story. My brilliant editor Lucy Malagoni, for making my introduction to the world of publishing such an absolute pleasure, and the whole team at Little, Brown […]

Freefall – Jessica Barry

Breathe. Breathe. My eyes open. A canopy of trees above. A flock of birds stare down before taking flight. I survived. He might have, too. I have to see. I pick my way through the wreckage on bare feet. Where are my shoes? It doesn’t matter. Bits of twisted metal everywhere. One of the wings […]

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