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TW: rape. (Thread) I was raped in an apartment by 2, or maybe more, men. I know there were 2 because I saw their faces. The rape lasted several hours. There were more men in the room. They laughed. I don’t know if they raped me too. I shifted between consciousness and sleep. When I […]

Journalism is dead

Sean Hannity: Journalism is dead… we give them news and information in an entertaining way that you can’t get elsewhere. “I’m a talk show host on radio and TV… I am a member of the press” “I believe that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. I believe they’re a hostile regime led by a hostile […]

Please stop referring to “Jewish” as if it only denotes a religion. It does not.

Please stop referring to “Jewish” as if it only denotes a religion. It does not. It denotes a people: religion, ethnicity, culture, history, & shared experience. No one is less Jewish b/c they do not practice Judaism. And many, many people practice Judaism who are not even religious! Anyway, I hope it goes w/out saying, […]

how to get rid of bumps ?

– CLAY MASKS!!! – dandruff shampoo, if your hair is on your head a lot – glycolic acid – benzoyl peroxide – tea tree oil – apple cider vinegar – limit dairy and sugar intake i hope this helps! disclaimer:not all tips listed helps everyone, everyone’s faces are unique 🙂

Racist Society

No one is allowed to point to the election of Obama as proof that white society has moved past racism. The presence of Boris Johnson & Trump disproves everything y’all claim. And stop blaming leftists for white ppl being racist. Everyone is always at fault for the terrible outcomes of elections & the downfall of […]

Hong Kong Protest

The Tsimshatsui to Hung Hom protest march — the largest of three marches on Sunday — has begun at 3pm, with thousands massing at the harbourfront amid a moderately heavy police presence. The area borders the previously-besieged PolyU. Photo: Stand News screenshot. #hongkong The theme of the Tsimshatsui march is to call on Hongkongers not […]

The march from Tsim Sha Tsui to Coliseum begins

The march from Tsim Sha Tsui to Coliseum begins. Theme of this protest is 毋忘初心, despite pro-democracy candidates winning majority of district council seats, #HongKong people continue to take to the streets in huge number as their demands remain unmet. A stark contrast in atmosphere outside the newly reopened Museum of Art, where people are […]

Indian Civil Rights Act

Indian Civil Rights Act. A thread…. B/c I have a lot of new followers, I need to address an important issue. Did you know that Native defendants in tribal courts do not have the protection of the Bill of Rights? Congress has created separate, and unequal, protections in “ICRA” ICRA has some parallel protections to […]

Productivity and Time management

I had what I think was a pretty profound revelation the other day pertaining to “productivity” and “time management”, and in particular how we set ourselves up for success when there are multiple things we care about that require some degree of dedication/time investment. Thread: OK, so let me contextualize the point I want to […]

When Americans are left to die b/c they can’t afford things like insulin, who or what is that in service to?

When Americans are left to die b/c they can’t afford things like insulin, who or what is that in service to? I need every politician arguing against universal care to answer that. Why are people denied healthcare here & not in other developed nations? How is allowing people to die b/c they can’t afford overpriced […]

Here’s a Crazy idea

Here’s a crazy idea. Keep the impeachment hearings going until Trump resigns. If he never resigns, the hearings continue. Every time he violates the Constitution there’s an immediate hearing, with all the details provided to the world. Force Repubs to keep defending his criminality. Turn trump into a Queegish blob of incoherence. Alternatively, if McConnell […]