Coronavirus; Big issue is virality and transmissibility

A corona virus is a virus which has little appendages on top looking like a crown, hence the name. The big issue is the rapidity of the illness. Your body will form antibodies against it. The question is, can you live long enough for this to happen.

Big issue is virality and transmissibility. When virus 1st found, they noted it looks different than SARS. Our body won’t recognize it.

What we do not yet know:
The lethality of the virus.
The actual transmissibility denominator.

Mutations cause increased attachment.

We do know that people have the virus, don’t know it and can transmit it.

It is spread by particles. Even if someone sneezes on a fomite (inanimate object), you can touch it and transfer it to your face.

Backpacks/purses placed on floors can become common fomites.

Breathing it in, either by touching hands to face and inhaling or by breathing in particles, is how you get this.

The virus then attaches not to the upper airway, but to the lower airway.

China is running out of equipment to handle the virus.

China makes most of our medical equipment.

The virus is not floating in the air, with the exception of immediately after a sneeze.

Face masks you see on people are only effective to prevent droplets, but it is not completely helpful. It does, however, stop you from touching your face. If it is wet, it will not work.

Nearly 60,000,000 locked down in China.

Travel suspended to China.

Washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and not touching face or going near sneezers is best precautions.

K. Sennholz MD

Updated: January 25, 2020 — 10:12 pm
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That new Netflix series Pandemic is fascinating. I guarantee Trump would lie about an outbreak if his response reflected poorly upon him. He did abt the doctored hurricane map.

He is a danger to ALL of us and he is unacceptable. That is why Trump must be #impeached


There’s been a bad virus going around NY for over a month now that has left people with a terrible cough. Could that be related?

I find China’s rush to build a new hospital very concerning.


Is there any chance any existing antiviral medications will have any positive effect?

Can a vaccine be developed? How long if one can be developed? How far will it have spread before a vaccine could be available.

When will we have data on lethality and other parameters?


No on the medications, right now it’s symptomatic treatment. Reports were that vaccine 3 years out. Clearly they will try to push that up. Lethality data will take a while, we will be getting varying numbers for a bit here.


The fastest vaccines take up to a 1y to produce