GOP is installing 45 as *dictator* right now

Folks are still in *massive* denial thinking 2020 US election is simply a matter of which Democraric candidate is most “electable”.


GOP is installing 45 as *dictator* right now. Why do y’all assume:

1) we’ll have an election
2) it will be fair
3) Biden won’t face same attack as Hillary faced
4) Trump leaves office if he loses

Folks debating electability don’t seem to grasp what’s happening.

Bree Newsome Bass

Updated: December 18, 2019 — 6:10 pm
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Plz don’t think impeachment or an election will end our Koch RW problem.

There are steps we can take right now to stop them. I have no promises of the outcome…but, if we’re focused, relentless in our efforts and take action… we have a chance!

Experts in fascism, authoritarianism & propaganda say our very best “weapon” against creeping Fascism & propaganda is

“To Plant the Seeds of Democracy” -G.Kasperov…

We don’t have to agree on anything beyond opposing a Fascist RW takeover that endangers us all.

he Kochs RW started from bottom up.. That’s where we must focus too.

There are experienced grassroots Resistance orgs & that each of us can follow, visit their sites, support, use their guidance & citizen actions. #EmpoweredToday

The steps …”seeds of Democracy”


– Secure Elections in our own States

– Stop #ConCon in states

– inform & engage our communities right now

– save Net Neutrality

– vehemently oppose GOP judicial nominees

– steps to End Citizens United & ALEC

– #GOTV & protect voting rights


Is it about which candidate will have the most legislation die in the Senate?