Hong Kong Protests; Open Meeting

Seems all local media outlets in Hong Kong have sent at least one to this open meeting of police watchdog IPCC, first since its international experts decided to “stand aside” from its studies of police handling of #HKProtests

Police PR SP Ko Chun-pong told IPCC that police were facing unprecedented presence of media in past six months’ protests. From Jan to May, media liaison teams were sent 11 to 71 times a month but from June to Nov they were sent 563 to 796 times a month, with peak in August.

Suggested by pro Beijing lawmaker Tony Tse do more advanced briefing with media, SP Ko Chun-pong said police used to give “indoor allocution” to media in cases like state leader visits but it was hard to predict protests. Ko said police and journos will remain “good partners”.

CSP Tammy Mak said since Nov 27, 14,000 blue cards with operation codes have been diatributed to officers tasked to handle protests. Only officers handling protests will get the card but the card may be used by different officers as it indicates a certain post in an operation.

CSP Tammy Mak said Raptors can’t find a place for the blue card on their combat suits but am operation code is on the back of their helmets. Mak said the Raptors’ suits are of special design so “it may not be suitable to pin or clip something on it”.

Xinqi Su 蘇昕琪

Updated: December 18, 2019 — 6:10 pm