In the USA, they have no idea what is happening in Latin America

Mr. de Niro, recently you published that the president of Bolivia Evo Morales was a murderer and a dictator, and that is a lie. In the USA, they have no idea what is happening in Latin America, they are poorly informed and uninformed, they end up giving their opinions on what the, right-wing power groups want, which encourage and propitiate blows and dictatorships in Latin America.

Evo morales an indigenous president, democratically elected by the popular vote was dismissed by force, his position was held with the support of the military and the, approval of the US, a congressman, arbitrarily, without a popular vote, and without a congressional vote, usa supports this illegitimate government, just as usa supports the leaders of Latin America who intend to usurp the democratic and legitimate power chosen by the popular, vote,

coincidentally in countries where natural resources abound, in Venezuela, oil, and in Bolivia lithium that’s the truth. it is unfortunate to see from here, the south, to see as prestigious people as you are deceived by the right, and end up giving their opinions and supremacists, Christian fans, excellent his interpretation of taxi driver, he I send a hug from South America, territory that with its poverty finances the well-being of the American dream.

Razdrokin Pablo - MDP

Updated: December 18, 2019 — 6:10 pm