Just a brief note to elected Republicans

  • Just a brief note to elected Republicans.The #TrumpMeltdown is your new normal.This is why almost none of you will have a town hall meeting of any kind.This is why 42 house members and hundreds of other elected Republicans got blown out.
  • This is why you live in fear every minute of your waking hours.You know because you strapped yourself to this suicide bomber that when the vest goes off you die with him.You know your legacies as the Class of Trump will be that of small, cowardly pilot fish.
  • A handful of you, the opportunists and the edge case Trumphadi spend tonight on Fox bellowing about the Deep State and how his behavior today is all part of a secret multidimensional chess game.Most of you are so far in the tall grass you’re practically landscape.
  • You think that you are political geniuses for abandoning everything you ever claimed to believe in (except judicial fetishism) and smeared yourselves in Trump’s excrement while calling it honey.

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