Some quick thoughts from Celtics/Sixers?

1. Boston is going to be really good. Duh. 2. Philly is too. Wait until they get Chandler & Muscala back before judging. 3. Philly does need someone else to attack off the bounce besides Simmons and McConnell. Can it be Fultz?

4. Can’t imagine many guys give Embiid more trouble than Baynes. He just makes him work for everything. 5. Tatum is awesome and getting awesomer by the day. 6. Horford is so key to Boston, yet many will still call him “average”. Those people are idiots.

7. Irving and Hayward looked far more comfortable in the second half. It will come. 8. I like Shamet. He looked liked he belonged out there. 9. If Simmons ever learns to shoot, whoa boy. And he may not ever need to. 10. It’s a long, long season. Don’t read too much into tonight.

Updated: December 18, 2019 — 6:10 pm