Talk about a bubble of privilege and denial!; Hong Kong

Imagine living in Hong Kong for 28 years and still being so blinkered and racist that you think the protestors are bought and paid for by America rather than having actual reasons to be angry, and having actual goals. Talk about a bubble of privilege and denial.

CGTN’s @thepointwithlx interviewed a British who has lived in #HongKong for 28 years “It’s ridiculous I think. Because I believe the Americans are behind the protests and they are funding the protests. I think it has created the problem,” he said.

His opening line “I think the Americans are behind the protests”. Like, holy shit dude, speak to anyone, literally anyone, who doesn’t live in Mid-levels or Discovery Bay you pampered twat.

 Cames Jater; Almost every other expar I know is like this, but they also hate Mainland Chinese and just want things to go back to normal. They see HK as a working holiday resort town.

No need for anyone to go “not all expats” but so many of them are like this. A friend with a new baby is horrified what the chat is like in the mum’s WhatsApp groups.  

Hong Kong Hermit

Updated: December 18, 2019 — 6:10 pm