Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president

This whole thing with this Ukraine phone call boils down to pretty simple stuff. And when all is told and the truth comes out completely this is how I think it played out.

Alexander Vindman was listening in on the call between Trump & Zelensky. He hears where Trump is wanting the investigation into the 2016 election. Vindman knows what went on with the Ukraine or at least has a good understanding of what went on.

He tells his buddy, the guy he replaced on the National Security Council, Eric Ciaramella, let’s him know what he heard Trump say and how he wanted Zelensky and hs investigators to work with Barr, and that Zelensky agreed they wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Ciaramella, who was directly involved in the 2016 interference along with Chalupa, Marie Yovanovitch, Victoria Nuland, and all the Ukraine actors.

Ciaramella panics and runs to his friends, who were newly hired by Schiff to get leaks from those still left behind in the White House NSC. Ciaramella runs and tells Abigail Grace & Sean Misko what he was told about the phone call with Zelensky.

They began to panic, because they are all involved in the 2016 interference.

They knew that if Trump got the truth they were toast and so were a lot of other people, mainly in the US State Dept. The Clinton/DNC powers to be were pushing the smear of Trump through the network Hillary built at State.

There is a wild card that is known to everyone that has been laying low, but I think can blow the lid off of a lot of this and that is Kathleen Kavalec. She stumbled up on what was going on with Steele and Nellie Ohr, so to cover her own ass she documented everything, with her…

…hand written notes we have all seen, and reported it to the FBI, who sat on them, Kathleen Kavalec just remained silent, she did her duty, she documented and reported it.

So Sean Misko & Abigail Grace tell there boss what’s going on, I’m guessing this was within days likely 72 hrs of the phone call.

They know they have to act, because Zelensky is totally unpredictable, he’s not part of the system, and they know about Trump and Barr already has an investigation open with Durham over Spying and interference. They have to act and act now.

They come up with a way to shield Ciaramella from plain sight, because if it’s known right away who he is, and how he became aware of the phone call, their cover is blown and they are toast anyway. So they come up with the whistleblower plan.

They tell Ciaramella to go to Michael Atkinson, he’s a player, he was in on the FISA spying scandal, he has skin in the game because this all eventually ties together in a plot to take down a sitting POTUS.

Ciaramella goes to Atkinson, but there’s a problem, Ciaramella doesn’t really qualify as a whistleblower for a couple of reasons. Fist no firsthand knowledge of any real wrongdoing to report.

But they can fix that and change the qualification standard, back date it 3 weeks and call it all good. Second problem is the ICWPA only applies to within the intelligence community. Trump isn’t within the IC, he’s the Commander and Chief.

Not much they can do about that, so they choose to just ignore that standard. We will make the phone call sound so egregious and so scandalous, no one will care about the within the IC standard, and they will begin gaslighting everyone in the Trump Administration involved.

Meanwhile Schiff has sent several staff members to Ukraine under the guise of a diplomatic fact finding mission, to get everyone in the US Embassy in Ukraine, on the same page. But there’s a slight problem.

Trump had already removed Marie Yovanovitch, and the network was a little shaky, but there just may be enough of her loyalist left behind to pull this off.

Taylor was in place, and he’s pretty much an idiot, but they have Yovanovitch loyalist, David Holmes in place, who is leading Taylor around by his nose, to help keep the network going.

More problems arise though, Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker, didn’t really go along with their narrative of wrongdoing by the POTUS, neither did Tim Morrison, who was replacing Fiona Hill, and Morrison’s view held a lot of weight, having listened to the call himself.

You have to remember a second whistleblower, who was also an intelligence official, came forward on October 5, 2019, with “first-hand knowledge of allegations” associated with the phone call between Trump and Zelensky, according to Mark Zaid, who was representing both.

Zaid stated that the second whistleblower had been interviewed by the ICIG but had not at that time filed a written complaint, that’s a problem, the ICIG never got a formal complaint in writing.

I doubt Michael Atkinson ever talked to a “second whistleblower”, it’s just Mark Zaid talking to the press, but it fed the narrative, that there was this long list of witnesses to this highly impeachable offence committed by POTUS.

If the ICIG even talked to a complainant, it was to be documented, whether he files an official report under the ICWPA or not and Schiff wanted no part of Michael Atkinson testifying whether he ever talked to a second or not.

Schiff started his interviews in the SCIF up on the hill, and after his first really delivered nothing, Marie Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill, George Kent, Bill Taylor, Michael McKinley, Laura Cooper, Philip Reeker, Gordon Sondland none of them were even on the call.

The one they interviewed that was on the call besides Vindman was Tim Morrison. The Morrison testimony really set Schiff’s narrative back.

So with all Schiff’s BS secrecy and leaking what he wanted to be in the press to push his narrative, he really had nothing. So now he has to roll out his screenplay for the cameras. So where does he start. He shuffles the interview order and sends out his star witness first.

So they march out Alexander Vindman, dressed in his Class A’s with all his ribbons, and he actually listened in on the phone call.

Vindman said he made a report to an intelligence official about what he heard during Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President and felt what the President mentioned during the phone conversation was “improper.”

He hit every talking point Schiff wanted, however his testimony was about feelings and policy disputes, and the fact that the POTUS didn’t use his prepared talking points in the briefing package. Who really GAF? Schiff the whiff had really struck out again.

He also brought out Jennifer Williams with the O5 and she was neutral, she really had nothing to say. She was on the call, heard nothing criminal, said the POTUS sets policy, she stated that she expressed concern over the phone conversation, which she described as “unusual.”

Schiff brought out in the afternoon session Kurt Volker and TIm Morrison. Volker wasn’t on the call hear what he heard from second and third hand sources. Had to amend his SCIF testimony, but still no smoking gun.

Morrison set Schiff’s narrative back as well and he was on the call, also brought up pints about Vindman that calls him into question.

That’s it? What a bombshell first day. Schiff led with a butthurt soldier with a history of being rogue, ignoring chain of command, having a lapse in judgement that concerned not only his past boss Fiona Hill, but his current boss Tim Morrison!

To hear CNN and MSNBC tell it Trump was toast. Schiff had to come up with something quick his ship was taking on water fast.

Day two brought out the walking disaster Gordon Sondland, who was like listening to Mr MaGoo half the time. The more they let him eamble the worse it got for the impeachment narrative.

Then we start to see a trend. That afternoon they brought out Laura Cooper, who between the time she testified in the SCIF and her public testimony learned from an unnamed staff member that this unnamed staff member remembered seeing an email from someone in the Ukraine.

That email had inquired about the military aide the day after the phone call. It was a generic request just on the status of the aid, nothing about it being withheld or delayed, just a generic inquiry.

Of course Schiff jumped the shark and said this undercut the assertion that there could not have been a quid pro quo because Ukraine was not aware of the hold. Problem is no produced the email into evidence and again by Cooper’s own testimony it was just a generic inquiry.

Alongside Cooper David Hale, who serves as the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, testified that he found out from an OMB official that aid to Ukraine was being withheld at the direction of Trump but that was in September after it was published by Politico.

Day two in the books and Schiff was up to his knees in water, the sump pump was failing and he had to do something.

So they has a midnight session in the SCIF with David Holmes, the assistant to Bill Taylor who Taylor said was who was giving him second hand info, and reportedly overheard a call between Sondland and Trump.

He was going to save Schiff he hoped and had him added to the public hearing alongside Fiona Hill. This was Schiff’s equivalent to a Hail Mary

iona Hill up to Aug 2019 was the top Russia expert on the NSC, she spent her testimony criticizing Republicans for pushing the “fictional narrative” that Ukraine instead of Russia interfered in the 2016 election, saying the theory was planted by Russia & played into its hands.

But then Hill stepped on the dick of everyone involved with the Steele Dossier, and she’s known Steele for years, said the dossier was a disinformation rabbit hole that Steele fell for and was complete crap, she seemed shocked Steele fell for it. Opps!

David Holmes, who said he was concerned about Giuliani’s role & described Sondland, Volker and Rick Perry as “The Three Amigos” who ran the Ukraine campaign with Trump and Giuliani. He had a lot of feelings, and opinions.

Jordan & Ratcliffe made short work of his testimony, he was a dud. Mike Turner finished him off like a matador had him stammering so bad and digging threw his notes desperately trying to recover but he was a done deal. Under cross examination he folded like a lawn chair.

We find out after all the public hearings are over that they interviewed Michael Atkinson in the SCIF, and his Transcript is being withheld, & the fact he even gave a deposition was secret until it leaked out. and now we know why.

John Ratcliffe

I know why @paulsperry_ It’s because I asked IG Atkinson about his “investigation” into the contacts between Schiff’s staff and the person who later became the whistleblower. The transcript is classified “secret” so Schiff can prevent you from seeing the answers to my questions

This entire “impeachment inquiry” run by Schiff, did more damage to Joe Biden than anyone. They had to know it was coming, they knew Biden would be front and center on this. But they didn’t give a damn about Biden, they were protecting what was really going on in Ukraine.

There are billions of cash coming out of Ukraine making a lot of US politicians rich as hell. See my thread on the weapons and USAID funds being laundered and by whom and who they are paying off. The election interference is just a byproduct of the real crimes.

Roscoe B Davis

Updated: December 18, 2019 — 6:10 pm