-Are you happy? 🤔 https://forum.pictures/

What the fuck is this? 🤬 https://forum.pictures/

"Dictator Erdogan‘s police crack down on women‘s protest against femicides in Turkey." #LasTesisIstanbul https://forum.pictures

-Are the cops always in favor of fascism? #France #Paris #Macron #GiletsJaunes https://forum.pictures/

Amazing. Striking firefighters pushed back the police lines in Paris ♥️ #paris ✊✊👏👏 https://forum.pictures/

"The protest movement against the far-right is growing in Italy. This is tonight is Treviso, a city of 85,000." https://forum.pictures/

Wow....im speechless 🤬 https://forum.pictures/

Who is missing in the photo? 🤔 https://forum.pictures/

Republican Voter Poll: Which President Was Better? https://forum.pictures/poll-65-of-republicans-say-trumps-ukraine-scheme-was-normal-presidential-behavior/

Mom... 🥺 https://forum.pictures/

Santiago, Mexico, New York, Bogota, Toulouse, Peru, Barcelona, Madrid...

Women around the world march against austerity and violence; https://forum.pictures/women-around-the-world-march-against-austerity-and-violence/

"Dictator Erdogan‘s police crack down on women‘s protest against femicides in Turkey. " https://forum.pictures/

Reporter: Who should be held accountable for [Jamal Khashoggi's murder]?

Trump: Maybe the world should be held accountable because the world is a vicious place. The world is a very vicious place. (via CBS) https://forum.pictures/silence-still-surrounds-the-murder-of-my-fiance-jamal-khashoggi-who-will-speak-up/

Now that is one BIG puppy... 😅 https://forum.pictures/

😅 https://forum.pictures/

How was the movie? #TheIrishman https://forum.pictures/

"Personally my favorite is the female sergeant that took you down with her face🇺🇸" 😅 https://forum.pictures/

#China Video showing a man shouting "Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times" and "Hong Kongers, add oil!" in a crowded metro train allegedly in Shanghai, China. #HongKongProtests

He shouted the slogans in (obviously non-native) Cantonese. https://forum.pictures/a-demonstrator-was-shot-and-a-man-set-on-fire-in-hong-kongs-protests/

You can do it. 😅 http://forum.pictures/

How do you ruin the pardoning of a Turkey? Attempt to make jokes about your impeachment and compare the media to vultures. https://forum.pictures/

"BREAKING: Papa John Schnatter issues cryptic warning, hinting that he may come back and make shitty pizza again." https://forum.pictures/

Protests in #Iran continue to fill the streets, and now security forces are shooting unarmed citizens. The Iranian people want freedom. https://forum.pictures/ #IranProtests

The Chilean street artist Daniela Carrasco (36) was raped, tortured and murdered by the police. Her lifeless body was found hanging on iron railings. #DanielaCarrasco #ChileProtests https://forum.pictures/

"As internet is being gradually reconnected, I'm getting more videos of #IranProtests. This video from Tehran shows the widespread participation of people in protests. They're chanting "death to dictator". Another indication that #IranProtests wasn't just about gas prices."

Hero boy 👏😅 https://forum.pictures/

"Meanwhile Rudy is still under the bus." 😅 https://forum.pictures/he-one-impeachment-witness-who-republicans-cant-claim-is-a-never-trumper-just-threw-trump-under-the-bus/

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