Washington Examiner Editor Slams Trump on Veterans Day For Transgender Military Ban

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Brad Polumbo, a deputy editor at the conservative Washington Examiner magazine, called out President Donald Trump in an article on Veterans Day, Monday, for excluding transgender people from the U.S. military.

After praising President Trump’s speech, Polumbo wrote, “There’s just one problem with the president’s otherwise commendable Veterans Day remarks: He continues to discriminate against an entire class of veterans and would-be service members through his administration’s transgender military ban.”

“This ban was always baseless and unsupported by evidence,” Polumbo continued, before branding President Trump’s ban “blatant, baseless discrimination.”

Polumbo argued that the amount the U.S. military spends on “transgender-related healthcare” is “a tiny, tiny fraction of military healthcare spending,” and added that the “other costs involved just don’t justify an all-out ban on transgender military service.”

“Trump’s discriminatory ban continues to hurt veterans and transgender people who want to serve,” he concluded. “Trump is right to honor our veterans during this important holiday, but the president’s words will continue to ring hollow until his actions start to line up with them.”

During his speech at the New York City Veterans Day Parade, President Trump declared, “To each veteran of the war, the glory of your deeds will only grow greater with time… This city is graced with your presence. This nation is forever in your debt and we thank you all.”

“You are the reason our hearts swell with pride, our foes tremble with fear, and our nation thrives in freedom,” he proclaimed, noting, “It is very fitting that the Veterans Day Parade begin right here in New York City” because “New York has exemplified the American spirit, and has been at the heart of our nation’s story of daring and defiance.”

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