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Women around the world march against austerity and violence

Tens of thousands take to city streets to protest against violence and the impact of austerity on their lives Propelled by a mass public rendition of Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves and accompanied by a thudding police helicopter overhead, hundreds of protesters have rallied in central London in solidarity with an estimated 89 Women’s Marches worldwide. […]

‘Referendum on Duque’: Thousands march against Colombia president

Bogota, Colombia – Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through the dense city streets of Bogota and other cities across Colombia on Thursday as the country joined a wave of others in South America experiencing anti-government demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in the streets of Bogota to protest against the country’s right-wing government. [Megan Janetsky/Al Jazeera] […]

he one impeachment witness who Republicans can’t claim is a ‘never Trumper’ just threw Trump under the bus

Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union, threw President Donald Trump under the bus in his opening statement during the fourth day of impeachment hearings on Wednesday. Sondland characterized the efforts he was involved in to urge Ukraine to launch investigations that would be damaging to the president’s political opponents as a product of direct orders from Trump. He […]

‘They seem so helpless’: Hongkongers flock to aid besieged protesters

As hundreds of protesters were trapped inside a university on Monday night, besieged on all sides by riot police, thousands of Hongkongers rose up in protest, filling highways, public squares and bridges trying to get to them. The streets of the city were turned into a war zone as protesters, alumni, volunteers and other supporters […]

Watch: Protesters use catapults to hold off police advance

During the 24-hour siege of Polytechnic University, protesters have used a range of potentially lethal weaponry to hold off riot police. The demonstrators have set up production lines of petrol bombs filled with a napalm-like substance, which they’ve then throw at police lines or at barricades to set them on fire. Dramatic images from Sunday […]


THE SOURCE SAID they wanted to “let the world know what Iran is doing in my country Iraq.” They sent The Intercept 700 pages of secret intelligence reports from Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, or MOIS, but never revealed their own identity. This kind of leak is unprecedented for Iran, a country with a […]